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Treasuring Problems

If you have never seen Robin Williams talk about the invention of the game of golf then you are missing out on a true work of genius. It's not only a masterpiece of comedy, but it's also a brilliant demonstration of how much people love problems. Or, more specifically it shows how much people embrace the challenge of overcoming problems. Let's examine golf for a moment, the whole point is to knock a tiny ball into a slightly larger hole with a stick (ok, a club). This, in itself, could be a very simple task, that is if you started with the ball mere inches from the hole. With a quick tap of the club you could knock the ball in the hole record your perfect score of "1" and proceed next hole. But as any golfer will tell you, this is not how the game of golf is played. Achievement is most commonly found surrounded by problems. No, those first Scotsmen in their tartan kilts, understood that people get very little enjoyment from performing simple, mundane