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The Power of "Why?"

One year teaching Multimedia Design, our class had just completed a project on creating geometric portraits. During this assignment, students chose a person they admired and selected a personal quote from that individual. Their task was to create a stylized vector portrait based on their chosen figure. To my surprise, one of the students approached me and asked if they could make a second portrait, a portrait of me. Feeling flattered, I agreed. Then, the student inquired if they could include a quote from me. Without much thought, I casually replied, "Sure." Over the next couple of weeks, during our lunch breaks, the student diligently worked on the portrait in my classroom. They never allowed me a sneak peek, but it was evident from the occasional hushed chuckles among other students that something amusing was taking shape. My curiosity piqued, and when the student finally unveiled the finished artwork, I understood the source of the laughter. The portrait was remarkably wel