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The Latest AI Image Game Changer

First it was AI generated text that seemed to have all the answers (or at least did a great job of making things up if it didn't), then there were AI generated images that were winning local and international art and photo contests. But even these tools, as magical as they were, had their weaknesses, their Achilles' heel. For images it's been things like drawing hands, which to be honest I still have one heck if a time I may indeed be AI...who knows, or rendering text that isn't gibberish at best or a mess of cryptic letter looking random shapes at worst. Over that past year and half AI text to image generators have made great progress in fixing those weaknesses, but one still remained...consistency, character consistency to be specific. But with the release of the lastest update of Midjourney 6, everything may have changed with two new simple tags --cref and --sref which stand for "character reference" and "style reference" respectably.

The Dark Side to Being Creative

It's Me I'm often described with words like "odd," "weird," "strange," and "not normal." I guess they're not wrong. You might catch me bursting into laughter at times and places that seem wholly inappropriate, triggered by things I simply can't help but notice. Or you might find me staring into space at a conference, not daydreaming, but deeply engrossed in trying to determine how the row of light fixtures across the room are constructed, because the diameter of one light is just slightly larger than the others, and if there were two dozen or so pivot points on the light that would allow it to expand and contract to different sizes which would in turn adjust the lighting it provides. There are moments when my expression shifts so suddenly, it's as if I've been poked physically with a stick, all because some random idea hit me like a truck. At times, my mind races so swiftly that it feels like the world around me, in

AI Prompts: Unveiling Human Solutions

Ever thought about how we chat with AI, like asking ChatGPT for help? It's kind of like tossing a ball over a fence and waiting to see what gets thrown back. But here's a twist: many times, the magic isn't in what comes back over the fence. It's in the way we throw the ball in the first place. And sometimes, every once in a while, the solutions are discovered before the ball even gets returned. Talking to AI: Like Solving a Puzzle Without the Picture Chatting with AI, such as asking ChatGPT for assistance, is like tackling a puzzle without knowing exactly what the final image should look like. You have to make your point clear, provide enough detail, and create a coherent picture from scattered pieces. Let’s explore some everyday scenarios: Writing an Email: Imagine you need help drafting an email. It's not enough to just say, "Write me an email." You need to provide the AI with the puzzle pieces – the email's length, recipient, and key bullet points i