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AI Prompts: Unveiling Human Solutions

Ever thought about how we chat with AI, like asking ChatGPT for help? It's kind of like tossing a ball over a fence and waiting to see what gets thrown back. But here's a twist: many times, the magic isn't in what comes back over the fence. It's in the way we throw the ball in the first place. And sometimes, every once in a while, the solutions are discovered before the ball even gets returned. Talking to AI: Like Solving a Puzzle Without the Picture Chatting with AI, such as asking ChatGPT for assistance, is like tackling a puzzle without knowing exactly what the final image should look like. You have to make your point clear, provide enough detail, and create a coherent picture from scattered pieces. Let’s explore some everyday scenarios: Writing an Email: Imagine you need help drafting an email. It's not enough to just say, "Write me an email." You need to provide the AI with the puzzle pieces – the email's length, recipient, and key bullet points i