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The Dark Side to Being Creative

It's Me I'm often described with words like "odd," "weird," "strange," and "not normal." I guess they're not wrong. You might catch me bursting into laughter at times and places that seem wholly inappropriate, triggered by things I simply can't help but notice. Or you might find me staring into space at a conference, not daydreaming, but deeply engrossed in trying to determine how the row of light fixtures across the room are constructed, because the diameter of one light is just slightly larger than the others, and if there were two dozen or so pivot points on the light that would allow it to expand and contract to different sizes which would in turn adjust the lighting it provides. There are moments when my expression shifts so suddenly, it's as if I've been poked physically with a stick, all because some random idea hit me like a truck. At times, my mind races so swiftly that it feels like the world around me, in